Adult Programs

Whether you are 15 or 50, we have programs to help you graduate, help you upgrade, or provide basic foundations in English, Math, Socials, Sciences, or Computers.  Download the adult brochure.

Adults can choose whether to do their courses at the school or work from home.  We have a variety of part-time, distance, and/or online options for those who work or can not make it in on a regular basis.  For those who prefer to attend class and work with a teacher, we have that option available as well.

Because we are part of School District 78, many of our courses are funded by the Ministry of Education and there is no cost to you. 

If you are new to BC, English is not your first language, or you had to leave school before going to high school, you can take courses in the following areas:

Social Studies

These courses will prepare you for the senior level courses you need for your Adult Dogwood diploma. 

If you have graduated high school in BC, you may still be eligible for upgrading.  Adults can choose from the following courses for upgrading:

Communications 11 and 12
English 11 and 12
Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11 and 12
Foundations of Math 11 and 12
Pre-calculus 11 and 12
Biology 11 and 12
Physics 11 and 12
Chemistry 11 and 12


If you attended high school but did not graduate, you can choose from the senior, credit courses in the brochure.  Contact us for specfic course requests.

 If you have graduated and want a course we offer, but is not funded by the Ministry, you can still take the course, but there will be a tuition.  Tuition is $500 per course, but there are no other fees or application costs.

All courses may be subject to a $100 deposit if a textbook is taken home, but it will be refunded when the textbook is returned.